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Welcome to Procomp Motorsport

Procomp Motorsport is a family owned and run business. It started in the mid 70s, with the previous decade being spent in machine tool engineering.

In the early years all forms of motorsport work was undertaken including: karting, hot rods, drag racing, and rallying. Slowly circuit racing became the main obsession and kit car racing in particular.

As time progressed the Westfield became our weapon of choice. We built many cars for the 750 MC Kit and Supersports Championship as well as Westfield's own 'one make' championship. Today Westfield's are still part of our busy work schedule.

By the end of the 90's we had at our disposal so much information and design ideas that the only way forward was to build our own car, the LA Gold, which became an instant success. The LA Locost followed shortly afterwards, with the introduction of the 750MC Championship.

Scott Mitel, Alastair Garratt, Dave Black in Procomp LA Locost Race Cars

Darryl Beckwith and Steve Lansley's Procomp LA Gold Race Cars
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