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Locost Racing Services

We offer a complete service for the Locost racer:

  • Full suspension set up to race standards. Including all dampers removed, springs checked for poundage and dampers tested on our dyno. Checking and setting of ride heights, cambers and castor. Tracking chassis alignment and corner weights. Full written report. 200.00.
  • Some of the common problems found during set up include rear axle toe out, lack of articulation and not square to the chassis centre line. At the front – lack of castor angle and poor bump steer control. We can correct all of the above problems plus any others that may be present.
  • We also offer test days to fine tune chassis and engine set up using data logging and video, plus driver tuition. From 150
  • Steel dampers specifically valved for Locost racing. Per set 325
  • Anti roll bars custom made and fitted. 200.00
  • Chassis repair and modifications. Everything from replacing a couple of bent tubes to a full LA front or rear end conversion.
  • Fitting our Locost lightweight Roll Cage fully certified by the FIA / MSA. From 800
  • Axle repairs. Axle camber and tracking checks
  • Diff rebuilds using solid pinion spacer. From 100 plus parts
  • Gearbox rebuilds (4 speed). From 100 plus parts.
  • Engine rebuilds. Complete strip, fully cleaned and rebuilt. From 450 plus parts
  • We can also supply all the parts – gaskets, rings, bearings, pistons etc. that we use in our race winning engines.
  • Piston machining to comply with regs. P.O.A
  • Valvoline VRI 20/50 racing oil. 22
  • Carbs overhauled and rejetted. P.O.A.
  • Petrol tanks, bulkhead mounted for safety
  • Workshop services – we can fabricate parts from alloy or steel using TIG and MIG welding (tanks, wishbones etc.) plus lathe work and milling.
  • Trackside support -- Benefit from our 25 years of experience working on seven type race cars to get the best out of your race car, to be reliable and safe leaving you to enjoy your racing.
  • NEW - Arrive and Drive – Coming 2012.
We have been race preparing this type of car for over 20 years.

Locost Championship Regulations

Locost Kit Car undergoing a Front End Chassis Rebuild Repair (750mc Locost Championship) Procomps Custom Made Kit car Anti-roll bar Procomps Custom made kit car fuel cell / tank
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