Springs, Shocks (Damper Dyno)

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Shock Dyno Workshop Setup

Springs and Shocks

The coil spring is a fairly reliable item, once the length and poundage rate have been sorted to suit the car and driver. After initial use ride heights may need to be adjusted but in general that's it.

Shock absorber and damper on the other hand are much more complicated. The performance of the single adjustable budget price damper can vary enormously. The problems found using our in house dyno include: Dampers

  • Valving not suited to lightweight cars
  • when two units have equal adjustment clicks poundage varies by large margins
  • unit may have 20 plus adjustment clicks but the working range for our needs is only 3 to 5 clicks.

To overcome these problems we have been working with Protech Shocks using their well engineered aluminium coil over units. We now have a range of valving options to cover most applications. One excellent feature of the Protech Shock is the adjustment knob which can be individually set when matching dampers into pairs.

We supply Protech Shocks either bushed or rose jointed. Valving is to our own specification and units are balanced in pairs.

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