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LA Locost Specification

Procomp LA LOCOST Kit Car Logo
Procomp LA Locost kit car chassis with Rollcage
  • Chassis
  • Wishbone Set
  • Trailing Arm set
  • Bushes and Bolts
  • Pedal Box
  • Master Cyl's and Remote Reservoirs
  • Fully Certified Roll Cage with side protection
  • Axle Mod's
  • Alloy Panel set
  • Body set GRP (7pc)
  • Petrol Tank (race 4 gallon) Procomp's Kit Car Pedal Box
  • Bonnet
  • Powder Coating
  • Ball Joint set
  • Steering Column (race)
  • Dampers and springs (dynoed and balanced)
  • Front Anti roll Bar kit

Race Package Total Priced on Application

Alastair Garratt's Procomp LA Locost Kit car (750mc Locost Championship)
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